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Glass Gems

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We try to take pictures of the glass gems as true to actual color as possible, under natural light, where the glass gems look more bright and colorful than what they could look under indoors lighting. However, computer monitors vary widely, and the same image of the glass gems may not appear identical from one monitor to the next.



Need some samples?

We know how important it is to have samples of the actual glass gems, also known as vase fillers, centerpiece fillers, flat marbles or flat glass marbles, glass shapes, vase gems, accent gems, glass globs, mosaic glass gems you want to buy.  No picture can make complete justice to the true color of a glass gem, that's why we offer a sample pack with a couple of each of the glass gems we sell.

Orders of 200 lb and over will be filled based on inventory, if a production running is necessary to fulfill an order you will be contacted by the company on that regard. Production’s running need a 45-60 days window for delivery
Glass Gems.
Opal Yellow Glass Gems.
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(12-14mm Approx. 1/2 inch Not Iridescent)

Item #CSG004

1 lb Price: $4.80

This vibrant and energetic opal yellow glass gems will be the talk on that wedding or reception you are preparing, this vase fillers or centerpiece fillers will literally fill the air of energy. This flat marbles will also bring your craft projects to a new whole level bringing the innovative help you need while also giving your work a beautiful look. But also when you unleash your imagination working on those craft project these flat marbles and mosaic gems will help you achieve your dreams while giving a magical touch to your projects. Be sure to check our bulk discount offers, there you will find the quantities requirements to get to the different discount levels. Don't forget to check the picture gallery to see photos of the actual glass gems you will be buying.

Glass Gems Size: 12-14mm (Approx. 1/2 inch)

Volume/Area: Glass Gems Fills approx. 1  cup / cover approx. 0.7 sq feet

Weight: 1 lb Glass Gems (16oz)

Quantity: Approx. 150-160 glass gems

Opal Lime Yellow Glass Gems - Vase Fillers

MSRP $6.95

Buy 5 - 19 lb $4.56 each- 5% discount

Buy 20 - 200 lb $4.32 each- 10% discount

Buy over 200 lb $4.08 each- 15% discount

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